Project management

For some companies the main part of acitivities are projects. They are complex products, inrofmation systems implementation, organization structure optimization, new permises construction.

Project management has own methodology - istruments, methods, rules, practises. Project management using dramatically increases the probability of successful project delivery. Company needs the project management system for that.

SBS Consulting proposes services in project management field.

Project management offices development

Project management office (PMO) is a department or a company responsible for coordinazion and centralization of project management. Responsibility of PMO can vary from support to direct control of projects.

PMO is the place of the experience collection, the point which is used by top management for internal and external projects supervision.

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Project management automation

Automation is the mandatory process of the modern management.

The project management is not an exception. Automation of project management is the base method of it's performance increasing (some time the effective project management is impossible without special software). It's used for business processes fixing and knowledge distribution too..

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Project management methodology development

Project management system is the complex of processes, educated personnel and standards pointed to successful project realizatoin.

SBS Consulting used the method of project management system development and implementation, that allow to get thr real effect to customer from the beggining. It's possible becase of ptoject management processes transparency and dirigibility increasing.

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Project management audit

It's necessary to provide permanent monitoring and control of project management system implementation.

Audit is one of the objective methods of informtation collection and analysis..

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Project management systems diagnostics

It's useful to define processes, artifacts, databases and best practises existing on the company and use them for project management system development. It's necessary to provide diagnostics in the project management and connected fields: finanses, HR, quality management, etc. for this purpose. 

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